Central Middle School is one of the middle schools in Kokomo-Center Schools System and is situated in downtown Kokomo on 303 East Superior Street. It is across the street from what is currently a parking lot, that however was the original high school not only for Kokomo but the entire Howard County.


Central Middle School was the Downtown Campus for the high school housing grades 8, and 9. However in 1998 it became a middle school and has since became open for 6th-8th graders as with other Center Township middle schools. The current auditorium is the same one that was in the old Downtown Campus, and what was the library is now for 6th grade science and for the misc after school technology groups. Those technology groups have went on to be in the top 5 of several world championships. It is across the street from the Indiana University Gymnasium (formally the Memorial Gymnasium; which was a part of the high school until 2013)

Central Middle School consists of three floors, until 2011 it only used two of those floors, however when some of Bon Air Middle School, and Lafayette Parks students started attending here when those closed they were forced to re-open the third floor again. (Which hadn't been used since it was the downtown campus in early 1998.)