Grant Street is a road in Greentown running east and west, it can be found one block north of Main Street in Greentown. It can be used as an alternative to locals who don't want to have to get onto Main Street. The speed limit is 30 mph on the entire street. The street starts on Hammer Street in the west at Family Dollar, and on Maple Street in the east. It only stops for Hammer, Carter, Meridian, and of course Maple Streets, all other streets stop for it. It features the Family Dollar on the western terimus, and an apartment building on the east half.


Grant Street in Russiaville is a small street only running for a block in length. It connects Main Street (SR 26) with Seward Steet to the south. It is one block east of the main N/S street Union Street. Grant Street in Russiaville alo goes north and south.

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