Also later known as Kokomo High School Downtown Campus, and originally known as Howard County Central School. You may also be looking for "Normal School"

As a part of current buildingEdit

Today this school stands as Central Middle School. It is located on 303 East Superior Street, however record show that Supperior Street used to be "High Street" in Kokomo's early beginnings.

Original Location; "Normal School"Edit

Originally reffered to as Normal School according to a map from 1877. The location was different as well. It was accross the street from where it is now, that spot is now a parking lot for the current location. Not much, if anything is known about this location.


Students at the current location pass around rumors of a fire at the old location being the reason it was torn down, and that a female student named "Ruby" supposedly jumped from the third floor to escape the fire and died. They say at the current spot that she haunts it's third floor. In it's middle school years from 1998 to 2011 the third floor was unused by the school, some say thats why. Some also say in the back parking lot by the gym if you look up at sunset you can see her in one of the windows looking around, and panicking as if she is in danger. The staff at the current school even spread these rumors, although they are just rumors and never officially proven.

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