LaFountain Street is a street in Kokomo, Indiana. It's now pronounced (La-Fow-n-tin), although it was originally intended to be (La-Fon-tay-n).

In the 1800's-1920'sEdit


Rough path of what was LaFountain Street in 1917 (the then south half)

LaFountain Street started near High Street (now Superior Street) on the south end and ran up to just above Taylor Street right at Jackson Street (the spot where Apperson Way curves over in that area today). That part of LaFountain is Apperson Way in modern times. It would pick up again up on Monroe Street and end for the final time at Havens Street, which at that time was very small.

It also ran a very similar path to that up to at least 1917, with only a few extensions of it, it ran further north than Havens Street, down to Markland Avenue in a "T" intersection, and picked up again by Firmin Street like it does today, it just didn't go down as far as it does presently, only to Boulevard Street which would have been named Pumpkinvine Pike back then.

In Modern TimesEdit


Part of South LaFountain in modern times in red on Google Maps

Currently it's most notable for when it hits Washington Street and Washington Street is then called LaFountain Street, and then again when it hits Reed Road (Old Bipass US 31/Indiana 931) and changes the name of that road to LaFountain Street continuing south. However in the downtown area if you're on Apperson Way when that curves over above Taylor Street if you don't follow the curve and continue straight then that is LaFountain Street as well. LaFountain Street also starts one block south of Defenbaugh at Firmin (on a bend, its not an intersection) and it continues on through Hoffer Street, Boulevard Street, Lincoln Road, before meeting with Washington when Washington Street becomes that.

Main Attractions on LaFountain StreetEdit

  • Howard Regional Health System Hospital
  • Walgreens
  • Taco Bell
  • Grindstone Charlies
  • IHOP
  • Lowes
  • Culvers
  • Garden Square Inn
  • Subway
  • Souplys Wine And Spirts

Traffic SignalsEdit


  • LaFountain & Lincoln Road
  • LaFountain & Washington Street
  • LaFountain & Rainbow Drive
  • LaFountain at Howard Regional Health
  • LaFountain & Southway Blvd
  • LaFountain & Alto Road

There also used to be at light at LaFountain & Hoffer Street

4/3 Way StopsEdit

  • LaFountain & Hoffer Street (used to be traffic light)
  • LaFountain & Boulevard Street (Also called Haynes Blvd)
  • LaFountain just before merge with IN 931/Reed Road at the Lowes parking lot entrance

Stop Sign only for LaFountainEdit

  • LaFountain at Wheeler Street
  • LaFountain at Monroe Street
  • LaFountain at North Street
  • LaFountain at Morgan Street

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