A list of natural and non natural disasters in Kokomo, Indiana and surrounding towns

Natural DisastersEdit

Blizzard of '78Edit

The biggest blizzard on record for the state of Indiana.

Ice Storm of '91Edit

Also one of the biggest and worst winter storm systems Kokomo had ever seen.

Tornado of 2004Edit

Known as the tornado that tore down the skating rink.

Great flood of April 2013Edit

Record amounts of rainfall for in the shortest amount of time, which caused the Wildkat creek to overflow in record amounts. It cause most roads in Kokomo to be flooded. Left tons with no or damaged homes, they was all given temporary shelters until their own was repaired.

November 2013 TornadoEdit

On November 17, 2013 over 70 tornados appeared accross the Midwest. Two of them was in Kokomo, one in the main part of town, and one in Indian Heights neighborhood. The Kokomo one throgh the main part of town caused the most residential damage that day. It was mostly down Hoffer Street, and near Maple Creast Plaza.

Non-Natural DisastersEdit

Reccesion of 2007-2010Edit

A short but notable financial crisis for the City of Kokomo. Mostly credited from the fact that Chrystler closed. However, other factoried like Indelex closed in Kokomo around that time as well. Under new leadership, and with Crystler not only re-opening, but more than doubling the employee count Kokomo ended the reccesion in 2010, going on from being Forbes 2nd fastest dieng town in 2009,  to being officially the number one fastest growing city in 2011, and remaining in the top 10 in 2012 (#3), and in 2013 (#8).