Main Street is a road going through Kokomo in a North/South manner going all the way through Downtown, and on one side of the Courthouse Square in Kokomo. Going south it ends completly on Boulevard Street. It does not go in or out of Kokomo on either side though so it's signifigance is soley in town signifigance. However on the corner of Markland Avenure there is the Main Street Business District, there is also several other shops on Main Street. Namely on the corner of Defenbaugh and Main as well, and of course through Downtown Kokomo it is mostly only shops.

Traffic SignalsEdit

Stop LightsEdit

  • Main & Markland Avenue (SR 22)

3/4 Way Stop SignsEdit

  • Main & Defenbaugh Street
  • Main & Superior Street
  • Main & Sycamore Street
  • Main & Walnut Street
  • Main & Mulberry Street
  • Main & Taylor Street
  • Main & Jefferson Street
  • Main & Monroe Street

Stop signs for only Main StreetEdit

  • Main at Hoffer Street
  • Main at Boulevard Street (also named Haynes Blvd)
  • Main at North Street
  • Main at Morgan Street

Former Traffic SignalsEdit

The city around 2010-2011 took out dozens of light to "save money". However it left downtown plauged with four way stop signs. Other areas had the same thing happen, these are Main Streets former traffic signals (if they vary from the current signal).

  • Main & Superior Street (Stop light; now 4-way stop)
  • Main & Sycamore Street (Stop light; now 4-way stop)
  • Main & Walnut Street (Stop light; now 4-way stop)
  • Main & Mulberry Street (Stop light; now 4-way stop)
  • Main & Taylor Street (Stop light; now 4-way stop)
  • Main & Jefferson Street (Stop light; now 4-way stop)
  • Main & Monroe Street (Stop light; now 4-way stop)
  • Main & North Street (Once was a stop light; has long since had a stop sign only for Main St)

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