Merridian Street is the main street running north and south through Greentown. The one stoplight in town is on this and Main Street (SR22/19 & Highway 35) Near that intersection is where the business district in Greentown stems from. Most of Greentowns businesses is either on Merridian or Main streets.

Attractions on streetEdit

  • Blondies Cookies (corporate offices)
  • Subway
  • King Chef
  • K's-A-Dilla's
  • fireplace store
  • Crave Crepes
  • Greentown Post Officies
  • church
  • Appartments above all businesses (although some doesn't rent them out)
  • Greentown Police Department
  • Greentown Town Hall
  • Greentown Utility Office
  • Century Villa (old persons home)
  • Howard County Fair Grounds main entrance
  • various offices