There are two main fairs in Kokomo

Kokomo FairEdit

Started out by blocking off the streets in downtown Kokomo, however towards the end after some lackluster years due to it being much smaller than the Howard County Fair they moved it to Foster Park in 2013. Subway just opened about that time across Foster Park also providing food, along with Walgreens, Superior Street was also blocked off, mostly for a car show and kiddy rides. The Arts Pavilion was used for non stop concerts for the entire fair and with many more rides and many more vendors, and things to do. Kokomo Beach across the bridge also provided aquatic entertainment. Due to the much larger size the fair was much more successful than usual.

Howard County FairEdit

The county fair is in Greentown on Merridian Street, with tons of venders, rides, and a stage used for concerts or monster trucks or various other shows, there is also a medal building with tons of animals on display, and another building with local business's offering free things, and selling things, there's also tractor rides, bear show, and puppet shows, among many other things, also about 5 blocks south of that is Greentowns Downtown with K's A Dillas Quesadillas, Subway, King Chef Chinese, Crave Crepes, Cirlce Pizza, Godfathers Pizza, Haleys Family Restaurant #1 & 2, Pizza King, Broasters Chicken, Main Street Bar, Greentowns Post Office, and a lot of other things you could go down there for after the fair. Most people from Kokomo take Greentowns "Main Street" not knowing any other way to get there due to people not going to Greentown other than the fair. This backs up Greentown for more than a couple miles at times at the one stop light on Main Street and Meridian Street. There is plenty of room for a left turn lane and no parking on Main there, however they haven't put one in. The hardness of getting in and out and Kokomo's being so much better since 2013 has made the county fair in danger of loosing its ground to the Kokomo fair, although still having more attent it than Kokomo's, and it lasts longer.